NOTE: If you know of a great resource and it's not listed, please e-mail Nico Gustafson with the suggestion.



Historical Emporium: - great men's clothing

Darcy Clothing: - amazing men's outfits

Victorian Choice:

Red Threaded - best corsets made in Colorado.

Antique Dresses:

Antique Dresses:

Ebay: - Search “Victorian Clothing” or “Civil War” or “Victorian Jewelry”, “Gloves” etc. (Google historic photos of similar items to make sure they have correctly labeled items as Victorian)

Disguises: 303-462-0401 address: 9797 W. Colfax Ave, Lakewood, Co 80215 - costume rental place if you want to just give one of our events a try. They also sell costumes, as well as wigs, masks and accessories.

Do not forget to use THRIFT STORES and even antique stores. They can have a better price than it would cost to make something yourself (some antique stores carry things on consignment and reproductions now also). They are especially great for tuxes, jewelry, furs, hats, shoes, gloves, formal and wedding dresses that can be dyed or torn apart and remade, or layered and used as-is.




Facebook Marketplace: only on your phone app. but you can search for curtains for fabric, antiques, anything under the sun, and it's all local.

Costumes4Less: Often look very Halloween costume but can work in a pinch and be spruced up by adding your own details or using as a foundation that you put other things over (They have a changing list of categories, sometimes they have, for example a Victorian swim suit, some times nothing Victorian).

Masonville Mercantile: great men’s hats, vests, women’s clothing, as well as accessories.


Victorian Trading Company: - jewelry, parasols, etc.



Make your own jewelry:

Ornamental Beads: - make custom hatpins, “cameos”. Order on-line or better yet, go into their store in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

Penny River Costumes: - custom order embroidered stockings (wool, cotton or silk).


Patters: sewing-patterns-and-guides-for-historical-clothing-and-costumes

Corset-making supplies:

Farthingales Corset Making Supplies:

Truly Victorian for historically accurate Victorian patterns:

Wearing History for historically accurate patterns:

Patterns of Time:

The Recollections of J.P. Ryan for historically accurate patterns:​

Vintage Patterns:

Free Antique Sewing Patterns:

Biking Outfit Pattern:

Eva Dress for vintage sewing patterns:

Sewing CLASS for a Victorian Ballgown: - I've never sewn anything before in my life and I was able to sew a day dress gown from start to finish with this class.

Machine embroidering patterns and lessons:

Royal Fashion Classes:

Fabrics: - purchased on line and shipped to you. or - when you get to these sites do a search “Vintage Lace” or “Vintage Buttons” or “Feathers”, etc. (Again we recommend you do an internet search of historic photos of similar items to make sure they have correctly labeled items as Victorian).


Guli Productions - sign up for her newsletter. She organizes lots of balls and events and her dance instructions are the best in the country

Become a Victorian Lady Airbnb Experience -

Shoes: - amazing period shoes copied after extant pieces

Millinery, Corset and Other Supplies: Richard the Thread:

Hair Supplies: - for strands of fake hair that you can make into braids and buns to clip into your own hair.


Beads: firemountaingems.comitemdetails/h20a2940sb

Pinterest: - for countless images of period dresses and accessories.

Auction House with antique garments:

Also see Ornamental beads above.


If a link doesn't work, please bring it to our webmaster attention, and in the alternative, copy and paste the name of the group onto FB's search window. The names are identical to what they are called on FB. These groups have been a tremendous resource in learning about the history of the period.

Historical Costuming Fabric/Trims/Patterns Buy/Sell:

Historical Costumes Buy/Sell/Trade/Order:

Raising Hair:

The Gilded Age Society:

Historic Dance Events, Balls, Workshops:

Costume College Year-Round Forum:

DVSS - Denver Victorian & Steampunk Society:

Historic Cosmetics:

Historical Pattern Reviews 1700-1930:

Late Victorian Costuming Support 1870-1900:

Period Costuming Support Group:

Sewing - Victorian clothing & costumes:



Historical Hats,& Millinery supplies buy and sell:

My Antiques Identified:

Victorian History (1837 - 1901):

Victorian images:

The Tightlacing Society:

"The World of Royalty":

19th century sewing:


The Victorian Romanian:

Victorian Times:

Beauty from Ashes: - incredible tutorials

The Perfect Touch: theperfecttouchvictorian       
Virtuous Courtesan: - makes all her dresses by hand

The Historical Sew Monthly


Clothing for women:

Jacobean Embroidery:


​Pride and Prejudice - any version

Somewhere in Time

Hysteria - Amazon Prime

The President's Mistress - Amazon Prime - it's in French, and a true story 


Victorian Alliance of San Francisco:

Demorest's Family Magazine, Volumes 11-12:

Prior Attire - UK:

Early Dance Groups: