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You can now pay your membership through PayPal. Simply log into your PayPal account, click the "Send & Request" button, type in, click "Next", add amount, and under the amount box it should read "Sending to a friend". If it doesn't say that, click "Change" and select "Sending to a friend".  Click "Continue" and finally click "Send Payments Now".  It is very important you send your donation to "Family and Friends", otherwise we pay fees. Thank you for your contribution! 


Under "Add a note", please give us your NAME, PHONE NO. and E-MAIL ADDRESS.


send the above information to, otherwise we won't know that you've become a member. 

If you'd like to send in a check, please fill out our Membership Form


Membership: $15 per person, $35 per family (includes dependents) per calendar year. Thank you for any extra donations.

Membership dues, and any donation beyond membership dues, help to reserve event venues prior to receiving ticket revenues.  Our goal is to increase reserves to rent a years’ worth of venues & issue a Year-At-A-Glance calendar. The dues also pay for the liability insurance that we have to have at every event. 

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